> ReFuel With Chocolate Milk
5ml is behind the latest mobile initiative by top advertising agency Draftfcb.
ReFuel With Chocolate Milk
> Cannes Lions 2011
See how 5ml was used to create a rich media mobile microsite, promoting Velti's own gamification workshop during the Cannes Lions 2011 festival.
Cannes Lions 2011
> Animal Sounds
Find out about animal sound using a 5ml rich media site. The microsite has a dozen of cute animals with their sounds and demonstrates the use of animation, sounds and graphics.
Animal Sound
Learn the alphabet with a 5ml rich media site created to demonstrate animation, use of sounds and use of graphics.
> Pianomagic
If you feel like a virtuoso try your skills with this piano 5ml rich media site. The microsite demonstrates the use of animation and sound.
Measure how healthy you are with this custom 5ml rich media BMI calculator. The 5ml site demonstrates the use of gallery, forms and graphics.
> mxGator
Preview your ideal car, with a 360 gallery, a selection of colors and video with its stunning looks through a 5ml rich media promotional site. The microsite demonstrates the use of gallery, 360 and social features.
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WYSIWYG Project Editor
100% visual editor features free-form canvas, drag-and- drop, real-time updates, direct manipulation and multiple page editing—all from the comfort of your web browser.

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